Steve & Chris, 

Thank you so much for all that you did to get this project done. I can't tell you how much it helped us out and meant to both of us to have things taken care of + the extra mile you took to do the job perfectly!

Bob & Cherie L.
We hired Steve to paint two bathrooms, one bedroom,  upper hall way, entry way and front door.
Steve is a pleasure to have in the house.  His work is excellent, and he is very fast and efficient.  He shows up on time, covers any open surfaces before he begins work, and proceeds in a very expedient way.  He has suggestions for paint colors, if asked, and is very flexible about coming back for different parts of the project, as other trades people finish their portion of the work.  I would recommend him to anyone.   Sheilya S. 

My Note: We have since been back for 2 more projects including the entire exterior! Thank you for your business Sheilya!

Steven painted the entire interior of my home, including prepping trim and new doors and painting. His work was outstanding and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, quality and affordable painter. Marcy O. 

My Note: Marcy was a pleasure to work with. She purchased this home and had a few contractor issues early on. Project was completed in a timely matter and she was happy to work with a contractor that put pride into her new home. Thank you Marcy!
We had to redo our master shower. He insolated it, put up the backer board, put in all the tiles, did the inset, the floor, and put in the new door. He had his own plumber, who was great. He is willing to work with other contractors that you want to use, making himself very flexible. He ripped out the whole floor for us and redid it.. He used our materials that we purchased, again very flexible with using whatever we bring him. He was very reasonable as far as cost to you as the consumer. He put in the floor tiles and did a fabulous job. He painted all the walls in the around the house, after he removed all the wall paper. He updated our mirrors with wood mouldings and painted them. He was an all around guy. After he was finished, we had an issue in the house that needed to be resolved and he came right away and fixed it. I totally trusted his judgment. My real estate agent went in to check his work after he had finished and everything was flawless. His price was a little bit higher then other contractors but he was worth it. He is very clean and used tarps, and always left the house clean when he was finished for the day. You are paying for his service. He communicated well and if there were problems or issues he was sure to let you know, sooner than later.  Michael & Christine D. 

My Note: This project was in 2010 during the real estate down turn. After our work was completed Michael and Christine listed their home with 50+ other like kind homes listed in the area. They went under contract within 30 days! Wow, I was so happy for them. Thank you!
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testimonials of our quality of work and customer service. Thank you!