Our Projects
  1. Steffler's Fine Painting & Dec Inc
    Exterior Restoration
    This project consisted of scraping and sanding. This southern exposure exterior needed a problem solver. We prepped the areas and then used a bonding primer designed specifically for this type of problem. Then covered with a final coat of quality exterior solid stain. Customer couldn't remember this side of their home looking so nice!
  2. Steffler's Fine Painting & Dec Inc
    Interior Rehab
    Just one example of hundreds of rooms we have decorated. From simple repaints to elaborate faux finish work. We do it all!
  3. Steffler's Fine Painting & Dec Inc
    Remodeling Projects
    Do you have a small to large remodel project? We remodel kitchens, baths, and basements. Call us for a free quote today!
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